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Does Kombucha Stain Your Teeth?

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Evan
Does Kombucha Stain Your Teeth?There are some strong acidic substances in kombucha that can erode the enamel of the teeth if you don't take precautions. It is for this reason that the players in the beverage industry that have touted the use of kombucha, have established that it has a pH balance of about 3.5 or better. Kombucha producers will print the pH levels within the side of the bottle, although others don't. The best way you can prevent discoloration of teeth after consuming these beverages is to ensure you rinse your mouth out with water. You also want to refrain from swishing kombucha around your mouth more than once a day.

Teeth-Staining from Kombucha

Consuming kombucha or other dark-colored beverages frequently can result in acid erosions and cavities. Remember that a majority of kombucha products contain some sugar, which tends to aggravate the acidic qualities of such drinks, particularly when consumed early in the morning.

Does Teeth Whitening Reverse Kombucha Staining?

You are almost certain to get your teeth discolored or stained if you regularly consume kombucha or other tea and coffee. Stained enamel happens to almost anyone over time. Normally, it happens gradually and may be difficult to notice. However, the benefits of tooth whitening are clear.

Whitening your teeth can offer confidence, allowing you to smile easier. People who smile confidently tend to be socially successful. They do better in interviews and are much happier in life.

There are different whitening options provided by dental professionals. You can consider the at-home professional whitening or the in-office method. There are also whitening strips that you can use at home. Additionally, there are whitening treatments for kids. To find out how kombucha can affect the color of your teeth and whether whitening can provide a solution, talk to us. Schedule your appointment now. We will ensure you get the right information about this beverage and its effect on teeth.

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