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KOR Teeth Whitening

KOR Teeth Whitening LogoIf you are looking for a teeth whitening bleaching procedure that you can rely on, KOR Teeth Whitening treatment is for you. This treatment is successful, regardless if you have dark stained teeth.

How Does it Work

This treatment requires multiple steps, most of which are done outside of our office. We will take the impression of your teeth, and that will help us design the whitening tray that is going to be placed in your mouth. These trays can be used more than once. These trays are custom fitted to your teeth, which prevents them from leaking the whitening gel onto your gums or into your mouth. We encourage you to wear these trays while you sleep. You do not have to worry about discomfort, as they are created to provide you with the maximum comfort. These whitening gels are active for at least six hours.

The KOR teeth whitening treatment lasts permanently; therefore, you need to follow the directions given by Dr. Snodgrass. You will need to wear the trays for a specific amount of time, typically two weeks. After you have worn the trays for that specified amount of time, you need to come back into our office for a final visit, pertaining to your KOR teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Appearance

You can see your teeth whiten up to eight shades. You do not have to worry about your teeth looking unnatural, because teeth do not look unnatural if they are real. False teeth will have an unnatural look because of the way they were made. We will help you get your desired shade using the KOR teeth whitening treatment.

Benefits of KOR Teeth Whitening

There are many benefits that come along with the KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching system. Those benefits include:
•  It is a comfortable and easy process.
•  Perfect for ages 14-90.
•  Does not require you to stop drinking red wine, tea or coffee.
•  You will have beautiful and healthy naturally white looking results.
•  Little or no sensitivity.
•  The results are permanent, as long as your follow proper dental hygiene.
•  Effective for all types of stains, including dark stained teeth.
•  A safe treatment for your teeth and gums.

Contact Us

The KOR Teeth Whitening treatment can be done by us, or you can do it yourself at home. Dr. Snodgrass will determine which option is best for you.

Call us today to learn more about KOR Teeth Whitening, so you can get your teeth looking naturally white again. We want you to have a perfect smile!
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If you are looking for a teeth whitening bleaching procedure that you can rely on, KOR Teeth Whitening treatment is for you. Call Thurston Oaks Dental today!
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