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Dental Exam Vancouver WA

Older white patient sitting in dental chair and receiving dental exam at Thurston Oaks Dental in Vancouver, WARegular dental exams, check-ups, and cleanings are vital for the assessment of your gums and teeth, typically recommended every six months. These examinations play a crucial role in the early detection of gum disease and tooth decay. Identifying these oral problems early is essential as it allows for prompt treatment before they escalate. To schedule a dental check-up with Thurston Oaks Dental, contact our office in Vancouver today!

Why Are Dental Checkups Needed?

Dental checkups are necessary for both adults and children. These appointments are ideally scheduled twice a year.

Parents should arrange their children's first dental appointment six months after their first tooth emerges or by the time they turn one year old, whichever occurs first. Subsequently, children should undergo dental check-ups twice a year or as advised by their pediatrician. Children with specific dental issues may require more frequent visits.

Regular checkups with us provide valuable insights into optimal dental hygiene practices. We can make sure you are using the right type of toothbrush and give suggestions about the different types of dental floss available.

Patients experiencing symptoms like swollen or bleeding gums, or tooth or gum sensitivity, may require more frequent visits. For those with gum disease, visiting the dentist at least four times a year is recommended to prevent periodontitis, a condition that can lead to infections and tooth loss. These periodontal care and maintenance appointments are necessary to manage the condition and prevent it from worsening.

What Happens in a Dental Exam?

A dental check-up includes professional teeth cleaning and various oral health assessments. During your teeth cleaning, the dentist will remove any plaque and tartar buildup. Your teeth will be polished, which eliminates surface stains, resulting in smoother teeth.

The dentist will then examine your teeth and gums to identify any changes in your oral health. X-rays and other various methods, including physical assessments, radiography, and other diagnostic tools may be used to get a closer look at your teeth and gums and identify potential cavities or other issues. The dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth, paying particular attention to signs of various disorders, including oral cancer.

Any existing oral issues will be diagnosed, and discussed with you, and treatment solutions will be recommended. Additionally, you will receive guidance on proper oral care practices and have the opportunity to address any other oral health concerns you may have.

How Do I Plan for my Dental CheckUp?

Preparing for a dental checkup typically does not require any special measures, especially if you are in good health. However, individuals with specific medical conditions, such as immune system disorders, heart problems, or recent surgeries, may need to take antibiotics before their dental. If you fall into this category, it is advisable to consult your physician or dentist for guidance before you come in and see us.

Dental Exams in Vancouver

Dental check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. These cleanings and examinations contribute to the development of strong and healthy gums and teeth. They also serve as a crucial tool for detecting early indicators of dental problems and gum disorders, allowing for timely treatment recommendations before conditions worsen and become harder to treat.

Practicing good dental hygiene and maintaining a nutritious diet are essential for oral health. Additionally, regular professional dental check-ups with our dentist and dental team here at Thurston Oaks Dental, ensure that your teeth and gums remain in excellent condition. To schedule your next dental exam, call us at (360) 514-9212 today. We look forward to seeing you!
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