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Dental Cleaning Vancouver WA

Consistent brushing and flossing at home are essential for safeguarding your mouth against plaque and bacteria, preventing issues like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and even tooth loss. These conditions not only cause discomfort but also pose additional risks to your oral health as well as your overall physical health.

While maintaining a diligent daily oral hygiene routine is crucial, it doesn't entirely replace the necessity of professional dental cleanings. Having regular visits with our Vancouver dentist, Alan Snodgrass, DDS, at Thurston Oaks Dental for dental exams and dental checkups is key to preserving the health of your gums, teeth, and smile.

Dental Hygiene Cleaning

When you come in for your dental check-up, we will walk you through these steps:

•  Examination: Before the cleaning procedure begins, our dental hygienist will conduct a preliminary examination of your teeth and gums. Using a small mirror they will check for any signs of inflammation, cavities, or other oral health issues.

•  Plaque and Tartar Removal: Using a scaler, we will carefully scrape the plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth, focusing on the gum line and areas between teeth.

•  Professional Toothbrushing: Once the larger deposits of plaque and tartar are removed, we will use an electric toothbrush along with gritty toothpaste for a thorough cleaning. This helps to eliminate any remaining plaque and polish the tooth surfaces.

•  Flossing: Our hygienist will then use dental floss between your teeth and along the gum line. This step helps to remove any plaque or debris lodged in these areas.

•  Rinsing: You will then be asked to rinse your mouth to remove any debris or particles that were dislodged during the cleaning process.

•  Fluoride Treatment: We will then apply a fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel and provides added protection against cavities. It can be applied as a gel, foam, or varnish.

•  Final Examination: After your dental cleaning, the dentist will come in for a final examination of your mouth and gums. They will discuss any oral health concerns or recommendations for at-home care.

How Often Do I Need a Dental Checkup?

It is important to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings with us. We recommend our patients come to see us every six months. Professional dental cleanings act as a preventive measure against tooth decay, cavities, tooth damage, gum disease, and the development of other oral health issues. Our dentist and hygienist will use specialized dental tools to eliminate tartar buildup and polish your teeth, surpassing the effectiveness of routine home care.

During these appointments, we can also offer advice on proper oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing techniques, as well as dietary recommendations for maintaining good oral health. Repeated exposure to food and drinks, especially acidic and darkly pigmented ones such as soda, wine, and coffee, causes the build-up of plaque on the teeth, as well as discoloration. If not treated on time, this plaque can turn into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed with at-home brushing, but rather, requires a dental professional to remove.

Dental Cleanings in Vancouver WA

Are you due for a dental exam? Give us a call at (360) 514-9212 to schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning in Vancouver WA!

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