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What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Evan
What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?Dental issues can cause discomfort, thus, affecting your healthy life. Luckily, full mouth reconstruction helps to improve the function, beauty, and overall health of the mouth. Full mouth reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure that involves the replacement of all the teeth in the patient's mouth. This procedure aims to improve the oral health and appearance of the teeth. Besides, it helps to restore the gums and jaws together with replacing other missing structures in the oral cavity. This treatment option may include dentures, dental implants, crowns, veneers, or bridges that will provide a smile makeover or improve eating efficiency.

Steps of Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full mouth reconstruction addresses a deeper set of problems. Thus, one-on-one consultation with a dentist is required to discuss primary concerns and treatment goals. The dentist will review your medical history and ask questions such as current medication, smoking habits, or physical issues that can make the procedure harder. A comprehensive oral examination is then performed to ascertain the extent of the problem and the best treatment plan to consider. Some examinations may involve the state of the gum, the condition of the teeth, and the bite alignment.

Some parts of the mouth are invisible to the eyes. Thus, the dentist may suggest an X-ray scan. Also, he can take pictures to act as a reference after completing the procedure.

Designing a Treatment Plan

Using the scan results and visual examination, the dentist will provide a detailed dental treatment procedure. A copy of the treatment plan will be handed to you so that you can review it and decide whether you want to proceed. Working with the dentist to determine a treatment procedure will allow you to choose wisely and have a full set of healthy teeth.


Full mouth reconstruction is a permanent solution to dental deficiency. It requires different stages and several office appointments to acquire the best results. Some procedures, such as dental implants, may require healing time before the final restoration process. That's why this process might take time.

Are you suffering from a trauma that degrades your oral health? Or do you have gum diseases or broken teeth that affect your ability to chew properly? Full mouth reconstruction is a good way to restore your mouth to optimal health and improve your smile.
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