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Kissing and Oral Health

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Evan
Kissing and Oral HealthMost people love the experience that comes with kissing. The psychological feeling and biological process associated with kissing fuels many to love kissing. However, kissing involves the saliva exchange between two parties, which risks contracting certain complications.

Research indicates that a normal human being has over 500 species of bacteria and microbes in the mouth. Therefore, when one exchanges saliva with another person, the microorganisms are ultimately transferred between the two.

Benefits of Kissing on Oral Health

In line with the above information, it's ironic to even think of kissing possessing any benefits, is it? However, research has identified kissing as having some noticeable oral health advantages.

Saliva is crucial in flushing away bacteria in the mouth, which, when left unattended, eats and wears out the enamel. Furthermore, saliva washes away acidic contents left after the intake of foods and beverages rich in acids, preventing tooth decay. Consequently, kissing has been identified as having the ability to increase salivary flow in one's mouth.

While we may think of bacteria as the root cause of most cases of tooth decay and periodontal diseases, there are some which minimize the growth of harmful bacteria. For instance, bacteria responsible for oral thrush play a crucial role in hindering the growth of bacteria-causing decay and promoting a healthy mouth.

Risks of Kissing on Oral Health

Kissing, on the contrary, has been established as the root cause of contagious illnesses like herpes simplex virus and the common cold. When one comes into contact with an infected person, there are higher chances of contracting the illness.

Furthermore, kissing, especially for babies, transmit harmful bacteria to the young ones prone to tooth decay and cavities. Ideally, babies are born without bacteria-causing decay in their mouth; hence when one swaps saliva with them, they possess the bacteria leading to dental complications.

Don't hesitate to visit our clinics for more clarification of the relationship between kissing and oral health. Call us today!
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