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What Would Your Teeth Ask You to Drink if They Could Talk?

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Evan
What Would Your Teeth Ask You to Drink if They Could Talk?Having a conversation with your teeth may seem out of the question, but it would be interesting to hear from their perspective what they would ask you to drink if they were asked to share their opinion.

Please Don't Drink These Items

We doubt your teeth would ask you to drink beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine. These beverages contain powerful pigments which can change the color of your teeth. Unless your teeth prefer to be yellow instead of white, we think your teeth may want you to pick something else to drink.

We also doubt your teeth would persuade you to consume sports drinks or soda. While you may have a sweet tooth, the sugar in sports drinks and soda is just too much. Sports gum, sports gel, and electrolyte drinks contain both acids and sugars. The sugar invites bad bacteria to flourish. Since sugar is a primary antagonist for the enamel on your teeth, you should not consume sugary drinks. Limit beverages that contain acids and sugars.

Drink Water For Healthy Teeth

Water continues to be our top choice to hydrate your body and benefit your mouth. Water satisfies your thirst, is usually cheaper, does not promote tooth decay, and is good for your entire body. We trust your teeth would ask you to drink water if they could talk.

We Want to Help You

Give us a call to set up your routine cleaning and check-up. We can look in your mouth and determine what would the best course of action you could take to partner with your teeth. It would be great if our teeth could tell us their preferences, but until they can, we suggest you drink water every day to satisfy your body and promote good oral health.
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