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Important Facts About Baby Teeth Parents Must Know

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Evan
Important Facts About Baby Teeth Parents Must KnowAs a parent, you will ask yourself numerous questions about your baby's teeth. You may wonder about things such as when your baby's teeth will erupt, when they lose them, and at what ages will they get them. You can find peace by knowing some facts about baby's teeth explained here.

Development of First Baby Teeth Takes Place Between Six And Twelve Months

A wide range of variability lies between babies when it comes to the time where their first tooth may appear. Babies will increase their saliva content after the first three months due to their increased use of mouth exploration. That does not mean your kid is teething. Many kids start teething when they are around six months. The first tooth is usually on the lower front central incisors. Your kid should have all their baby teeth by the time they turn 3 years.

Addition of Fluoride Helps Your Baby's Teeth

You should add fluoride to your child's diet after turning six months. Fluoride helps in hardening the enamel and preventing tooth decay. You can add fluoride levels to your tap water and you can feed your child at the commencement of solid foods intake.

Do Not Use teething tablets or gels

You should rush a natural process. It is important to desist from giving your child teething tablets. Some of these tablets may contain belladonna which is a plant poison and benzocaine. These tablets may have potential side effects and become harmful to your kid's health.

You should massage the sore gums of your kid when you can tell your child is in discomfort or when the gums become swollen and tender. Use your clean fingers to massage their gums or offering them solid food and a wet washcloth. After teething brush your kid twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Make sure to visit our offices or contact us to know more about your baby's teething process and other facts.

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