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How Come a Dental Implant Is a Permanent Tooth Replacement Option?

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Thurston Oaks Dental
3d rendering of a dental implantThe permanent implantation of the dental implant post in the jawbone makes dental implants a viable alternative for tooth replacement. To keep the jawbone of the patient robust and healthy enough to support their new smile, the dental implant post stimulates it similarly to a natural tooth root.

The prosthesis is firmly fastened to the dental implant post with an abutment once firmly positioned within the jawbone. The new smile will last for many years if the patient maintains daily oral hygiene practices and schedules routine dental examinations.

Patients never have to worry about their new teeth falling out or hurting again when dental implants are installed permanently. They may also smile confidently, speak clearly, and maintain a regular diet. Having dental implants installed permanently has specific advantages, as listed below.

Makes the Smile Look Better

The prosthesis is custom-made in color, form, and size to give the patient stunning new teeth that blend in naturally. The patient can enjoy a permanent new smile after the prosthesis is firmly fastened to the dental implant posts using abutments.

Enhances the Oral Health

By acting like a natural tooth root, the dental implant post keeps the mouth healthy by preventing the collapse of the jawbone. The discomfort experienced with ill-fitting or loose traditional dentures is eliminated with permanently installed dental implants. Since dental implants are designed to work like real teeth, patients can eat what they like without limitations. They can also do regular oral hygiene like they would with their natural teeth.

Enables Clearer Speech

Talking can get difficult when wearing regular dentures that do not fit right. Dental implants make clear and confident speech possible, removing this concern for the patient.

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