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What Is Causing My Bad Breath

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Evan
What Is Causing My Bad BreathBad breath can be embarrassing, and it can even cause anxiety for many people. We also referred it to as halitosis. Bad breath is where one emits a terrible odor from their mouth. It is normal to have a foul odor in the morning or when you eat certain foods. However, with halitosis, it is constant throughout the day regardless of what you eat.

Most of the time, halitosis is a sign of an underlying health issue such as gum disease. One of the major symptoms you may have halitosis is bad breath that will not go away. Chewing on gums and mints may help the bad breath go away for a short period. However, the best way to get rid of bad breath is to visit the dentist to treat the root cause of the bad breath.

Causes Of Bad Breath

A lot of the things that may cause your bad breath all start in the mouth. They include;

Poor dental hygiene

One of the major causes of bad breath is poor dental hygiene. If you do not brush your teeth and floss every day, food particles will remain in the mouth. Once these food particles come into contact with bacteria inside the mouth, it will cause an infection. This infection will cause bad breath.

Gum Diseases

If you do not brush your teeth, plaque can form on the teeth and gums. If you do not remove this plaque, it can cause plaque-filled pockets to form on the gum line. This causes gum diseases which may cause bad breath.

Infections In the Mouth

Other times, an infection from a dental procedure causes bad breath. For example, tooth removal, if you have your teeth removed, and the area does not heal, well, it can cause bad breath. If you have any mouth sores, then this can lead to bad breath.

If you have bad breath, it is best to assess your oral hygiene habits. Try brushing your teeth after every meal, floss daily and use antibacterial mouthwash. You should also assess your lifestyle choices. For example, if you smoke, then you need to stop smoking. However, if none of this helps to stop the bad breath, it is advisable to visit your dentist.
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