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Effects of Smoking on Oral Health

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Evan
Effects of Smoking on Oral HealthSmoking does not just distress your teeth but also other structures in and around the mouth such as the gums. Doctors can help you curb nicotine longings with medications and nicotine gums.

Effect on The Gums and Teeth

Smoking intensifies the production of bacteria plaque allied with gum disease. How are the gums affected? Smoking lessens the amount of oxygen flowing into the bloodstream. In the long run, the affected gums take longer to restore. Additionally, the attachment of the teeth to the bones and the soft tissues can get adversely affected. Smoking causes teeth staining from the nicotine and tar components contained in tobacco.

Over time, you may begin to notice your teeth discoloring. Severe cases of smoking have seen teeth turning brown over a very short period. Besides being linked to throat and lung cancer, smoking is the leading cause of mouth cancer as well. As a result of the increased risk of bone loss, people who smoke often have complications during implant procedures and other surgeries. Smoking also leads to bad breath and loss of taste and smell.

Does Smokeless Tobacco Have The Same Effect?

Yes. All forms of tobacco products have the same effect. For instance, chewing tobacco directly exposes you to more nicotine concentrations than cigars and cigarettes. Sniffing is worse. You consume more nicotine through snuffling than a person who smokes 60 cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco like e-cigarettes can severely aggravate the gums and thus facilitating them to pull away from the teeth.

Gum recession outrightly leads to decay and teeth loss. Additionally, when the teeth roots become overly exposed, they become extra sensitive. As such, anything hot or cold becomes uncomfortable and irritable. Flavored smokeless tobacco has added sugar that increases the risk of tooth decay. Smokeless tobacco also contains grit and sand that could be responsible for teeth wearing down. It does not matter how long you have been smoking, quitting will see your gums and teeth heal over time. Let us get you the help you need today.
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