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Mouth Guard Benefits

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Evan
Mouth Guard BenefitsIt is beneficial to wear a night guard at night. Stress makes you grind your teeth when you sleep. Wear a night guard to prevent this. The benefits go beyond preventing teeth from grinding. Prevention of teeth grinding prevents the tooth troubles that go along with it. Now it's time to investigate the benefits of wearing a night guard.

Prevents Tooth Damage

Night guards protect your top and bottom teeth from contact while you sleep. Your teeth suffer from numerous problems due to teeth grinding. You don't realize you grind your teeth when you sleep. Unless you wear a night guard, you have little control. Teeth lose enamel when they grind. Tooth enamel loss causes sensitive teeth. Grinding can also damage preexisting fillings. You may need to visit the dentist if your fillings are damaged! Worst of all, your teeth may break or chip when you grind them. While sleeping, wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth!

Prevents Headaches

Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw while you sleep may cause headaches. Toothaches and headaches result from grinding and clenching. Grinding and clenching of your teeth can cause muscle fatigue, earaches, neck pain, and jaw aches. A custom-made night guard helps prevent these problems. You can also use a night guard to align your teeth and prevent jaw pain caused by overbite and underbite.

Reduces Jaw Pain and Tension

Clenching our jaws is another thing we do without control while sleeping. Tension is exerted on the temporomandibular joint. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) refers to misaligned jaw joints. TMD pain and jaw tension can be reduced with a dental night guard. A dental guard fits your teeth perfectly. You can comfortably and lightly bite into it. Your muscles and jaw joints are significantly less stressed while you sleep. This allows your jaw to relax.

Healthy Sleep

You should not grind your teeth and clench your jaw while you sleep. Taking part in these habits every night means you do it unknowingly. They also help create healthy sleep patterns since they relieve discomfort. With a custom-made night guard, you can align your jaw to reduce stress. This will allow your muscles to relax. Your sleep will be stress-free. It will improve your sleep!
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