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Diagnodent™ Laser Cavity Discovery

Diagnodent Machine for laser cavity detection.Tooth decay is a serious issue, and if it is not detected and treated, it can affect the outside and inside layers of your tooth. This dental issue is known as a cavity. In a perfect world, Dr. Snodgrass could detect every issue affecting your teeth with just one look. This is not a perfect world, so he needs assistance to make sure those areas that he did not detect any cavities in, are truly cavity-free. This is possible because of Diagnodent laser cavity discovery. The world may not be perfect, but that does not mean your smile cannot be.

The Cavity Detection Process

The Diagnodent procedure is safe, and it's painless. A laser diode inspects your teeth for us. The laser is inserted into your mouth and aimed at your teeth. We will first aim the laser at a healthy tooth, so we have something to compare the damaged tooth to. If there are any damaged teeth, the wavelengths will be different, and we will hear a beeping sound that alerts us that the suspected area is in fact damaged. The reading levels will tell us how much damage has taken place. For instance, if the level is 21 – 100, we know that significant treatment will need to be done to your teeth.

These areas are undetectable by a dentist without the Diagnodent laser. The laser is in the shape of a pen, and Dr. Snodgrass will place it over your teeth. This process does not cause any pain to your teeth.

Studies have found that Diagnodent™, Laser Cavity Detecting System is more accurate than an explorer to find hidden cavities in the grooves of teeth. The human eye, a dental explorer or even radio-graphs cannot detect many forms of hidden cavities until they have damaged the tooth. By detecting decay at its earliest stage we can treat the infected tooth, preventing loss of vital structure or loss of the tooth. This will also help us verify that a merely stained groove is healthy - and not in need of treatment. Best of all, the Diagnodent™ Laser uses no radiation, only a small light similar to a laser pointer. The Diagnodent™ has been awarded the seal of acceptance by the American Dental Association.

Does it Work?

The Diagnodent laser cavity discovery is one of the most accurate methods used to detect cavities. Studies report that the Diagnodent method is 90 percent accurate. This equipment allows us to determine where your teeth decay, and how bad the issues are in terms of depth and how far it has spread.

Thanks to Diagnodent laser cavity discovery, we are able to detect your cavities earlier. This allows us to treat the decay before it has the chance to cause more damage to your teeth. Diagnodent can prevent tooth decay from spreading, allowing us to preserve your teeth. The earlier the cavity is detected, the sooner Dr. Snodgrass can treat it. This can prevent us from needing to use filling procedures that are invasive, such as root canals. This procedure also saves you money, because if it is detected before spreading, you can avoid the costly treatment procedures.

Contact Us

You can contact our office to learn more about the diagnodent laser cavity discovery. We find this technology method very successful, and we are more than happy to give you additional insight on this equipment. We only use the best equipment in our office.

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